Make a LEGO Turkey with Writing Extension

I love LEGO. And I especially love including LEGO into our regular homeschool lessons.

I think there’s nothing quite like including a creative building toy to any other subject.

This LEGO Turkey isn’t just fun. It’s also leading to even more educational activities!

The Benefits of LEGO Play

I love LEGO and have since I was a little kid. But growing up, I thought it was just a toy and didn’t see the real value in playing with LEGO.

Then, when I had kids, I saw all the potential benefits.

First of all, it’s creative. There are so many ways to put bricks together to make all kinds of different things. Anything can be built with LEGO but many times it’s going to take some creativity.

It’s also science. Not every LEGO build is going to be scientific in nature, but many structures do rely on scientific principles. For instance, watch any kid make a LEGO tower for the first time and they probably just build straight up. Over time they realize they need to offset the bricks on the way up for a strong tower.

LEGO also promotes fine motor play. Even the Duplo LEGO sets are great for fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are important for other skills like writing. So any way I can get my kids to work on fine motor skills is a win.

And finally, they’re fun for all ages. I love activities that I can do with my kids. Sometimes I don’t love their games so its nice to have something we can all do together.

How to Make Your LEGO Turkey

LEGO Pieces Needed

I’ve linked all of these to Brick Link so you can see exactly which piece you need. And, if absolutely necessary, you can order individual pieces from there.

If you haven’t heard of Brick Link before, go check it out. It’s a site with all kinds of LEGO things. But my favorite part is that you can order individual pieces. And they had very nearly everything in all colors.

Step 1: Align the two brown 3×3 wedge facet pieces together with to make a sort of triangle. Press the yellow 1×2 flat plate with 1 stud across the seam on the top. Place the brown or gold 2×2 flat plate with 1 stud just below it. Your brown wedge pieces should be securely together.

Step 2: Add the tail feathers. Add the 1×3 red plates on each side of the yellow and gold/brown flat plates.

Then add the orange 1×2 plates on the corner of the brown wedge pieces. Angle them outwards a bit.

Next, add the yellow 1×2 plate to the yellow 1×2 flat plate with 1 stud.

Finally, add the beige 1×1 brick with side stud to the top of the gold/brown plate.

Now we’re going to make the turkey head and neck.

Step 3: Get the brown cross plate and the 2×3 brown brick. Press the cross on the brown plate horizontally with 1 side of the cross hanging over the edge.

Press the brown 1×2 45° slope piece on to the cross piece. The top part of the slope should be on the part of the cross extended pass the edge of the 2×3 brick.

Add the black or brown 1×1 with 2 studs on the sides (opposite sides) on top of the slope piece. The studs should face each side. This is where the eyes will attach.

Place the 1×2 brick with curved slope on top of the 1×1 with 2 studs. The curve should angle out and down from the rest of the body.

Add the two 1×1 brown plates to the bottom of the 1×2 brick with curved slope.

Then add a red cone to the bottom of the 1×1 pieces.

Finally, add the eyes to the 1×1 piece with 2 side studs.

Place the two yellow cones to the bottom of the 2×3 brick for legs.

Step 4: Attach the tail feathers to the body using the 1×1 with side stud.

And BAM you have a turkey!!

Feel free to adjust the feathers, angle them, etc. Make as many changes as you want to make your turkey more unique!

You could extend their neck, give them more feathers, or any number of things!

What to Do With Your LEGO Turkey

Now that you have an adorable little LEGO Turkey, it’s time to give them a name, personality, history, and a story!

This Turkey Drawing and Writing set is the perfect addition to the LEGO Turkey set.

There is a page specifically for learning how to draw a turkey, a page for giving your turkey a name and bit of a personality, and 2 pages to write a whole turkey story!

Use your LEGO Turkey for inspiration for your story!

And when you’re done, share it on Instagram and tag me (@royalbaloo). I would love to see your turkeys and stories!

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