Ocean/Beach Sensory Tub


This is really my first sensory tub, so I’m sure I have a lot to learn.  For instance, buy plenty of little beads or you will barely have enough to cover the bottom of the bin!!

In the bin are:
Shells from Walmart
Lauri Toys Fit-A-Space
Small blue and white beads for flowers from Walmart
Large blue glass beads from Dollar Tree
Blue and white pom poms
Ocean Toob
Melissa and Doug Magnetic Ocean Puzzle (we got ours from Micheals with a coupon!)
Blue, sea green, and green straws
Rice dyed blue with Kool Aid (tutorial to come)
Blue cups

So far they are really enjoying the bin!  Since this is the first one they aren’t completely sure what to do with it. 


Helpful Tip – I put the bin on a blanket and told the boys to keep everything on the blanket.  It prevented a huge mess of little beads all over the house!

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