Parts of Speech Practice Using Mad-Libs

I loved Mad Libs growing up – I just thought they were hilarious.  When I realized that you start learning about parts of speech in first grade, I thought mad libs are the perfect way to practice parts of speech!  And they are fun to boot. 

I made some little color coded cards to start out with, and Baloo and I set out practicing our parts of speech and having a great time.  I told him what I needed, and what color the card was, and he would pick out a word.  After we had gone through them a few times I would just say “Noun: Person, place, or thing” and see if he remembered which color.

Learn Parts of Speech with Mad Libs

We ended up with a few hilarious stories and read them over and over.  He kept asking to do MORE and MORE stories!!  I know we have found a perfect activity when he asks to do it again and again!

I set up our parts of speech cards to be available for download! 

Download the cards here!

3 thoughts on “Parts of Speech Practice Using Mad-Libs”

  1. Mad Libs are wonderful and educational.  I have some in my RR shopping cart, right now.  The cards are a great idea for kids who don't know parts of speech, yet.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Are you kidding me? Mad Libs are my all-time favorite!  And when I started doing speech therapy, I realized that they are the most versatile tool for language and even articulation practice- so easy to adapt for different ages and targets!  Definitely pinning!

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