Shamrock Multiplication War

This is a game that Baloo and I play fairly regularly.  Just for 5-10 minutes at a time as it gets tiring, but it’s great practice.  And it’s fun!  And it’s easy to switch it to addition war, if necessary.  Or even subtraction war – whoever gets the lowest number wins.  Whatever math skill you need to work on, you can probably do with these cards!

We’ve used regular playing cards in the past but I wanted cards that go up to 12 (since knowing your facts up to 12 is now the new standard) and I prefer a 1 to an Ace.



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It’s very simple.  Split the cards into two piles.  Each player gets a pile.  Flip over 2 cards at a time and multiply them together.  Whoever has the highest number wins.



This is when it gets fun.  Both sets equal 24.  Now each player lays 3 cards upside down and plays another set.  The winner of the second set takes ALL.  IMG_5958


This is easily Baloos favorite part of the game.  Even when he loses he finds this exciting!IMG_5960


Click here to download the Shamrock Multipliation (or Addition or Subtraction) War Cards!


Shamrock Multiplication War!  Great practice for multiplication facts up to 12

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