17 Days of St Patricks Day Math Activities



There is something irresistible about a series…I just love doing them.  We are really trying to encourage the love of math and I simply think making it FUN and engaging is the answer.  I hear so many people lament “I’m no good at math”.  What they really mean is they never had a teacher that made it meaningful and fun for them.  Math isn’t hard…but the way we were taught made it so boring.  Learning should be fun!
So anyway, I wanted to focus on making math fun for my boys and I thought St Patricks Day was the perfect theme for us to focus on.  Hence why we are doing 17 days of fun St Patricks Day Math Activities!


Day 1: Shamrock Number Bonds
Day 2:  Lucky Charm Graphing
Day 3:  Make 10
Day 4: Shamrock STOMP
Day 5: St. Patricks Day SuDoKu
Day 6: St Patricks Day Doubles Addition
Day 7: Shamrock Dominos
Day 8:  Shamrock Multiplication War
Day 9: Guess That Number
Day 10:  100 Chart Fun
Day 11:  Make 10 Addition Game
Day 12: Make 10 Memory Game
Day 13: Shamrock Place Value
Day 14: Shamrock Shoot
Day 15: Graph and Tally the Room
Day 16: Shamrock Skip Count Hop
Day 17: St Patricks Day Number Line

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