St. Patricks Day Doubles Addition

I think I’ve spoken before about loving all the tools kids get these days for math, and doubles is definitely a favorite of mine.  There’s really no trick about it, it’s just memorization.  But it can really go far.  If you can do doubles, you can easily figure out one up or one down.  If you know the double of 8, you can easily figure out 8 plus 9.


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I really like roll and cover sheets.  They are just so simple but they get the job done.  Plus they include dice which always gets the boys interest.

This page was specifically for Royal.  He’s pretty good with his doubles up to 5.  Trying to work on some higher numbers now and fluency with the lower ones.



Very simple game.  Roll the die, double the number, and cover!  You can use dot markers on this page if you’re not planning to reuse it.IMG_5953


Had to roll a few extra times at the end to get the last few numbers covered!!IMG_5955


Go Here to get the St Patricks Day Doubles Page!


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