Tot school!!

We’ve recently taken a long break from tot school.  Even after my husband left again we had a bit of trouble getting back into the routine.  And now we’re moving earlier then expected, so we have just a few weeks to pack everything up!!  It’s a temporary move though, so I’m trying to get 3 months of “curriculum” prepared!

So my posts will probably be short and sporadic over the upcoming weeks!

Baloo – 41.5 months
This is a Rocket toy from Little Einsteins.  It’s honestly not my favorite toy in the world.  It’s heavy and electronic and leaves little to the imagination.  However, I’m using it as a memory and following direction tool.  When you push the buttons on the back it directs Rocket where to go.  So I tell Baloo where I want Rocket to go, and he pushes the correct buttons.  It’s also helping us on our right/left skills.
This one is a new favorite of mine.  Baloo is getting really interested in his letters and words, and I’m trying to take advantage of it!!  He actually plays the games on this little toy now too!!  Of course I like trying to stump the toy, and it’s usually not that hard!  Yes, that says moi!

We started working on our dinosaur stuff a little bit but have since taken a break.  I’ve realized that dinosaurs would be a perfect month long theme for our short term move, so we’re on hold until then!!

Here is Baloo lining them up according to size!

All of these cards have a letter of Baloo’s name on them.  I’m working on getting him to spell his name, and he’s getting better!!

This is a Little Einsteins puzzle that we got for about $5 at Target. 

We go up to New Hampshire usually once or twice a year.  I love going in the winter so we can see the snow for just a short period of time!  Baloo LOVED the snow!  He really wanted to make snow angels, and even convinced Gigi to make one too!!

I didn’t get a picture of it, but we were also able to see a bunch of animal tracks in the snow!  We talked about what kinds of animals lived there and tried to guess which animal made which print!
I just like this picture.

That’s all from us this week!  Hopefully we will be back on schedule soon!!

5 thoughts on “Tot school!!”

  1. Our Little Family

    Love how you've adapted the use of Red Rocket! My mother in law is a little notorious for buying toys JUST like that and I'm always trying to come up with more open-ended ideas that my little one, Maddie, can use it for.

    Anyway, good luck with your move!

  2. Our Country Road

    We love Little Einsteins here. My DS and nephew both love Rocket. Such a great use for him! Looks like you had a lot of fun in the snow ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the move. We just moved and man it isnt easy!

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