Preschool half week!

 Baloo is 3 years 10 months

We had a short school week due to a military ball on Thursday!  My parents came into town to watch the boys so the hubby and I could go to the ball.  We had a great time going out by ourselves, and then a great time just hanging out with my parents!  We didn’t completely skip school but we did skip out on the pictures.

I’ve also decided to really focus on reading this summer.  We’re participating in 2 reading programs (one at our local library, and the other at  So I’ve taken a lot of our school time out and we read instead. 

Raising Rockstars Preschool
We’re about halfway through week H.  So really we’ve just done a few of the worksheets.  Since the members only area JUST opened, we’ll start using the powerpoint lessons this week with letter H!  I’m really excited to see how Baloo responds to the powerpoints.

Cutting out the cars

He decided to celebrate after every line he traced

Other things we did this week…
We used these shape viewers, but I used them as a mat since we don’t have any cardstock on hand.  Baloo and I walked around and gathered anything triangular!

We used the geoshape sorter shapes to make shapes, letters, and other random things

Baloo is slowly taking over my iTouch…and sadly, he knows how to navigate better then I do already.

Play-Doh!!  I always hesitate in getting this out, but Baloo is getting so creative with it lately that I can’t help but let him play with it for hours.

My parents got Baloo this make your own train set.  He assisted in putting it together, and then he painted it!

We have a really busy month coming up.  My husbands’s leave begins in a bit less then 2 weeks, and we are driving all over the country.  Then we move a week after the vacation ends!  So my posts will be sporadic at best.  That does give me a month to prepare for our real start to preschool in mid-July though! 

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