Tot school

Royal is 13.5 months

 We actually had a semi-normal week and did tot school about 3 of 5 days which is quite ideal for us. 

I got out this little basket of pegs and we played with them for hours over the course of a few days. 

I sorted them into cups and talked about the colors.  Royal enjoyed putting them in the cups, taking them out, putting them in, taking them out…etc

We learned you can blow air through the pegs.

Royal and I took turns putting the pegs into the little basket holes and the other would try to take it the other side.

And we made music by banging them together.

Then I saw this face and knew he was distracted by something…

Indeed there was a butterfly right outside our door!  I think we observed the butterfly for about 10 minutes before it flew away!

Back on track…we played with just the cups for awhile.  Stacking and pretending to drink can be a lot of fun!

Of course we read some books.  Royal really enjoys the touch and feel books – especially the one about dogs!!  That one is actually in French (courtesy of Gigi who visited Cannes last month) so we got a bit of French exposure in as well!

This is the monkey version…I’m working on showing Royal how to turn the pages.  We read Goodnight Moon everyday and he seems to be getting a grasp on which way to turn the page.

We played with some magnets on the fridge (yes, that is the cast of The Office)

Listening to the sounds we can make while jumping on hollow cable boxes

Royal has learned how to throw, and he enjoys practicing.  Hard to get a picture of it, but he’s throwing little counting dogs.

And while on a tour of our apartment complex, we practiced climbing some stairs.

That’s it for our tot school this week!  Check out 1+1+1=1 for more tot school ideas!

5 thoughts on “Tot school”

  1. aaaw he is so cute! He looks very good at thhe colour sorting! My 26 month old still doesn't do that!!
    Does he learn French too? My husband is French so we are hoping to raise our kids bilingual

  2. I love the cups. Where'd you get them??? You're little Royal is super cute. We love watching butterflies too.

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