Tot school – I for insects!

Baloo – 39 months

I’m going to be completely honest in that I totally dropped the tot school ball this week, and it shows.  No one was sick, but we did spend a lot of time preparing for Halloween.  We went to the zoo and the pumpkin patch.  The week just flew by and we didn’t get a whole lot of school in at all!!  I actually made an entire insect tot-lapbook and he played with it once!  I didn’t even get pictures of it!!

I will be getting that into pdf file and posting it here sometime this week though.

So, without further adieu, here is what we did manage to do!

Theme – Insects!

We tried to do a lot of bug related activities this week (although we referred to them as insects).  We went on a nature walk and looked for the bugs.  We read a lot of our bug books (The Grouchy Ladybug, The Lonely Firefly, The Very Hungry Catapilar, and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, and Beetle Bop)

We made egg carton ants.  These turned out to be a lot of fun, and Baloo actually played with them for quite awhile!

The only other theme related picture I have is the dirt cups we made!  I loved these as a kid and could not skip the opportunity to make them!!
Crushing the cookies:

Finish product:

And yum!

Our other activities:

Pumpkin painting!!!  I let Baloo pick out his own pumpkin, even though it was lopsided and scratched.

On our zoo trip.  Baloo was very brave!  He fed the goats, and the lorikeets!

He even let the lorikeets land on his hand!!

I finally made him a sensory tub!  I gave him cups and bulldozers for playing, but he spent a lot of time doing this…

We mad a game book this week.  I put in some mazes and letter/number pages.  I think he really just enjoyed just using the marker and erasing with it
This was inspired by Tired, Need Sleep here

This is a game we played at the park.  Baloo would tell us when we could walk, and when we had to stop, and we all had to balance by putting our arms out to the side.

And that’s that!!  This week we’re starting a Thankful theme that will continue until Thanksgiving.  We’re going to be doing a gratitude challenge, which I will be posting more about later this evening hopefully!

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  1. I don't see any ball dropping here! I think going to the zoo, the pumpkin patch, and the park are great tot school activities.

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