Pre School Wrap Up 10/3

I have to start with a confession.  DH and I started trying for baby #3 when he got back from Afghanistan and we got our BFP August 1st.  We’re incredibly excited…and I am incredibly sick.  This is a bit part of the reason we’ve been taking it easy.  I was not really sick either either of the boys, so this has taken me by surprise.  And now that I am just about in the 2nd trimester, I had assumed it would be gone.  Not at all…so we’ve had a few days we just completely skipped school and some days that we just managed to sneak in a few minutes.

First, our garden!!  Everything is starting to sprout now and the boys are really excited!!  Baloo and I have been talking about what is growing and when we can pick it and eat it!  He’s getting excited, although I’m not sure that he really knows what squash is.


We spent a lot of time outside again this week.  The weather is finally cooling off a bit so it’s enjoyable outside!



China Studies!!

We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Chinese again, although Baloo isn’t really interested anymore.  We also read a few books about Kai Lan.  In all of the Kai Lan books they try to include some Chinese words which is pretty cool!  Baloo seems to have Ni Hao down!!  One of the books was about the dragon dance.  We tried to do the moves ourselves and then colored this dragon face picture and added some orange strips to the bottom for his train!!

Looks like one more week of China studies for us.  We didn’t do nearly as much as I had planned!



Reading!  I just can’t help but take pictures every time I catch them sitting down and “reading”!



Short week for us.  We had some great toys out, but didn’t get any pictures of them! 

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