Preschool – reading!

 Baloo is 3 years 10 months

I cannot believe it’s already been a week since my last preschool post.  What happened to the last week?

We actually had a great week here.  We’ve been working through (and thoroughly enjoying) the Raising Rockstars Preschool Curriculum.  Baloo really enjoys all of it and asks me to work on it everyday.  We finished up H this week.  We actually started using the PowerPoint presentations from the Members Only area this week and Baloo really enjoyed it.  He was excited to see all these things he is learning right on the screen!

We’ve been really focused on reading a lot of books and teaching Baloo how to read using phonics.  I started by printing out the books from Progressive Phonics for Baloo.  He is still making the phonic – word connection, so we’ve started with the simple starter books. He gets bored of these very quickly, so we are now working through one new book a day.  He really seems to be getting the connection and the more advanced we go, the more interested he is.

When I was still printing out the books.  I got him to read by convincing him to underline all the words he read!

Reading on the screen – much better!

Puzzles!  This was a set of 4 puzzles with all the pieces messed up.  Each puzzle piece has a shape on the back (one shape for each puzzle).  Baloo sorted all the puzzle pieces based on the shape on the back and then put all the puzzles together!

 Someone wanted to be a part of Royal’s tot school this week…so we threw in a patterning lesson.  It was an AAB pattern and Baloo got it too easily.  When he was done we compared his height to the pegs, my height, Royal’s height….

 Finding music in unusual places.  This was a part of our daily walk…Baloo and Royal really enjoyed the noises that these things made when they jumped on them!

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