Tot School

Royal is 17 months

Finally back on track…I think!  We haven’t been doing trays, more so just using intentional play as a learning method.  Royal really enjoys the 1 on 1 time and I think he likes having the toys laid out with all the correct items instead of the usual hodgepodge that we end up with.

As with Baloo, we have a lot more outside pictures this week. 


This is about as close as we could get him to the rocket.  It really scared him…


Royal helped out in the garden, too!!  Kind of…He was more interested in throwing the dirt and pulling out the water tube, but he did also push some seeds in.


Learning how to be just like big brother!  He insisted on wearing the shin guards.



Now onto more schoolish things.

We painted with finger paints and a sponge thing.  This is one of those $1 tree sponges, but the paint did wash out quite easily.


We also tried out hand at coloring, but had more fun putting the crayons back into the box.


We put lids and caps into an old wipe container.  This captivated both boys for a surprising amount of time.


Learning Toys!

We stacked blocks, knocked them down, and stacked them up again!


We got to do the same thing with bigger blocks, but we also tried to stack these according to size.


We played with our little peg board.  Royal enjoyed putting one into each hole and it seemed like he was putting them in according to color.


This is a little animal train.  You have to stack the pieces and then connect them.  Royal had more fun just running around with it, and then getting Baloo to put it back together.


His newest hiding spot.  Nothing educational about this, I just love it!


Reading!  Royal is getting really into flipping through books and looking at the pictures.  He’ll sit through entire books now and actually snuggles up at bedtime to listen to whatever story we’re reading.



Be sure to heck out other great tot school ideas at 1+1+1=1!!

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  1. Lessons from the Boys

    Love it! My son loves to color and demands all crayons are out of the box and nearby. So we never have issues with putting them in, but that is definitely a learning activity. Love your blog!

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