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Baloo – 39.5 months

It’s been a slow week for us.  Baloo is fairly susceptible to croup and unfortunately  this week he got it again…and kindly gave his germs to Royal, too!  We tried to make the best of the week though.

We checked out a new playground to see if it would be good for our playgroup.  Turns out the playground is geared toward older kids, but I thought it was good for some balance practice!

 We got a little bingo set for Baloo for Christmas, and he found it and opened it by himself.  We did have a lot of fun playing though!  I was so impressed that he understood the game.
 And we worked really hard on the calendar!!  I spent a long time searching for a pocket chart that was right right.  But the size that I needed was a bit odd, and I couldn’t find just what I was looking for…so I made it myself! 
This side has our weekly bible verses (we’re doing the Songs for Saplings ones that Carisa at Totally Tots is featuring right now.  Baloo loves to sing the verses!!) and our 100’s chart.  In the middle we’re going to put our letter, number, and shape of the week.  I just haven’t figured out how to hang them up yet.  Perhaps another pocket chart…
The middle.  The top part is our “today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be section”.   Below that we have color of the day, weather, and a place to put money to make the date.  Right now we’re using that as a place to put coins and just working our recognition.  And then our pocket chart calendar is beneath!
And the other side! The top has the lyrics to the songs we sing everyday.  We just flip through them as needed!  Below that we write what day of school it is, and below that we write out the date.  And then all of our pockets to hold extra materials are below that.
And this is how it folds up and stores!  Completely out of the way!
My poor sick baby.
Baloo has steroids now so he should be on the road to recovery!  Hopefully this week will be a lot more fun than last!

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  1. As I was reading your post I noticed are minds think alike. I too got the Bingo game for Jordan for Christmas but he hasn't found it yet ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I have the same trifold that I have been planning to use for a calendar board. I have everything printed up just need to figure out how to attach and where. Hope your little guys feel better soon.

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