31 Days of Gross Motor Challenge Week 3

31 Days of Gross Motor

We had a great week for gross motor activities!  We got lucky that the weather warmed up so we can be outside playing and comfortable, too.  I can’t argue with 70 degree weather in January!

Day 13:
Climbed a mountain!
We are extremely lucky to have an extended stay right next to a mountain range, so we’ve actually been walking/climbing the mountains multiple times this week.  We’ve seen all kinds of little critters and plants, and had the awesome work out that is climbing!  The boys love it, usually!

Day 14:
We had “egg” races!  I picked up some practice golf balls with the little holes for a craft, and then realized they would be perfect for some impromptu egg races!  I got each of the boys a plastic spoon and a plastic golf ball and we practice balancing them while racing from fence to fence! 

We also have this egg race game set and we LOVE it.  It’s packed in a box right now or we would definitely have been using it.


Day 15:
”Obstacle Course” races!  My goal was to find a super easy obstacle course set up, and I think I did it!!  I took some outdoor toys that we already had (a small bus, bike, scooter, and a plastic shopping cart) and set them up in a line in the backyard.  Then I had the boys run through the maze.  They had to run in a circle around one part, zig zag through another, and jump over the last.  We had a blast trying to run through as quickly as possible without forgetting each step!
Royal lost every race (as is common being the younger of he and Baloo) so I added a twist at the end where they had to give me a high five.  Baloo’s hand to high five was about 7 feet in the air, while Royal got the hand that was about 3 feet high.  I think he appreciated being able to win for once!

Day 16:
We played catch…and fetch.  The boys enjoyed a lot of outdoor time with Daddy and playing a lot of catch, but even more “fetch”.  Daddy threw a ball and they would run after it!  They even played ‘dodge’ a bit because they thought it was hilarious when Daddy would try to throw the ball at them!  The hid behind trees and bushes and were quite pleased when they thought they could outwit Daddy.

Day 17:
Gardening.  We have some rose bushes to prune, so the boys helped to cut and prune the bushes.  I hesitate to call this gross motor exercise, but I do realize how much physical work goes into yardwork!  They spent a lot of time pruning and cutting and picking up all the stray branches.

Day 18:
Today was kind of a cheat day – we went to a local children’s museum.  We made LOTS of noise, did some art, played in the “grocery store”, but most of all they played on the kid-size train!  There was a bell and buttons that were fun, but the best part was the train tunnel that they could run/crawl through.  Royal, Baloo, and Logi-Bear too (and a few other kids) spent about an hour just running circles around this train!  What a blast!


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  1. What an amazing set of activities 🙂 Aarya has ben down with sickness (mosty cold and cough) – which means he can't go out and he needs to not do much physical activities 🙁 It is difficult because he cries everyday to go out and ride his bike and have fun with his friends). 

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