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Free Pp is for Police Car Pack

I’ve been looking forward to P for awhile!!  The boys, naturally, love police cars so I know they’ll be excited to work on P!



Included in the pack:
P is for Police Car coloring page
Dot the P’s
Stamp the P’s
Connect the Polcie Car
Prepare for P
Trace the P
Prepare for 16
Trace the 16
Paste the Police Car to the P
Letter P/Sight word ‘help’ mini book
Sort the P’s and p’s
P dot marker page
Tracing pages (tot and preK versions)
Color the Police Cars
Tot and PreK Puzzles
Practice Dice and Graphing
1-10 Puzzle
Color by size
Match the letters
Color by letter
Flash cards
Count the Police Cars
Dot Marker pages

Click Here to Download the Police Car Pack


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  1. I love your blog! My son LOVES cars, trucks, construction vehicles etc so your blog is perfect for him. Thank you for sharing all of these printables. I really appreciate it!!!

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