Homeschool Math Games for Math Fluency and Concepts

Math has managed to become one of the most important and most hated skills to learn at the same time.  I find it an interesting paradox yet also quite frustrating.  My kids all have their future set on something that requires math.  So I cannot just skip out on some concepts.

And they really don’t like math.

Homeschool math games are saving my life and changing the math atmosphere in our house. Find some amazing math games to lessen the math stress.

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The only solution that has constantly worked in games.  Online games, board games, printable games, completely made up games – it’s whatever works at that moment.  I’m always trying to stay one step ahead and have new games ready to try.  It feels like I am constantly scouting for new ideas.  We try new math games daily


So I was pretty excited when I found a bunch of math games on Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Twice as exciting as the games – they’re discounted!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a group of homeschoolers (a very large group) who use their buying power to obtain discounts on curriculum.  It’s free to join the co-op and then to have access to have incredible amount of deals.  I find myself buying new curriculum from them all the time.


Today I wanted to highlight a few math games I’ve found on there.  They have something for everyone, really.


Homeschool Math Games for Elementary/Middle School


This is a game in the true sense of the word and if you have video game lovers – this is the game for you.  Through the game, kids will work through addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, fractions, negatives, and number sense.  And they’ll do all of this while having fun.



Reflex Math

For fact fluency practice with a game, Reflex math is the answer.  THese games have a heavy focus on learning math facts with fast recall but using fun games.



Highlights Math Mania

This book is great for kids who love puzzles  Each book has math puzzles for kids from age 7 to 12.  The books cover many different concepts in math and will keep them actively engaged in new types of math problems.


GPA Love Math

Whether you are looking for extra help with math or furthering skills, GPA Math may be the fun and personalized online curriculum for you.  It includes great animation as well as games to keep kids engaged.


Homeschool Math Games for the Younger Crowd


MathSeeds is the math version of Reading Seeds.  It is highly visual and promotes interaction.  Mathseeds is for kids 3 to 6 and is considered a full program.

I think it’s great because it’s fun for kids and takes the boring aspects out of math.  We’ve used Mathseeds to brush up on concepts and to accompany our regular curriculum.



Curriculum Based on Games

ST Math

ST Math is a full curriculum but it’s in full on game mode.  The instructions are all done using visualizations (not audio or written instructions).  So the work game can be done independently – even for non-readers!  Their curriculum spans from Kindergarten through 8th grade.



DreamBox Learning

This math curriculum is for kids from PreK to 8.  It is a full curriculum and it will lead your child through the concepts in math based on how they respond to other answers.  So it is not just fun but it is individualized.


Homeschool math games are saving my life and changing the math atmosphere in our house. Find some amazing math games to lessen the math stress.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a lot more than just math games though.  They have an excellent selection of core curriculum, supplemental math programs, math practice, and programs for struggling learners.  PLlus you can save up to 67% on the regular price of the programs.



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