It’s a small truck world!

We’ve done a few sensory bins here and there but I’ve recently heard about small worlds that incorporate sensory bin ideas.  I love this idea!  I found our truck Zoob tube and decided the first one would be for trucks.  After that, everything fell into place.  I loved making this small world and guarantee I will be making more!

I started off with a plastic bin from one of the boys drawers.  It’s one of those that you can get at Target and Walmart.  First I glued down the rock wall.  I tested it before hand to make sure that I could get the glue up once we were done.  The rocks we just collected from outside.  On the right I taped down black construction paper for the road.  Then I dyed some rice green for grass and added it around the road.  Last I made some cloud dough and added construction trucks for a construction zone.

Close up of the construction zone (my favorite part)  IMG_7671

The boys dug right in when I presented it to them.  Their favorite was the construction zone too!

Rolling a new road.

They played together in the small construction zone!  I’m thinking of remaking it with just the construction part!





There’s our first small world! 

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