Kindergarten – B week and YCR Unit 5

Baloo is 5 years 2 months

We had a really feel good homeschooling week.  One of those weeks where we went with the flow and it all just seemed to work out.  We didn’t get everything done and it was far from perfect, but looking back on it I’m thinking it was just right.

Our schoolroom is in a bit of disrepair this week.  We moved some things around in the house (yet again) and the school room just didn’t get completed.  It’s our project for this weekend!

Sight Words

Our main focus this week seemed to be sight words.  We worked a lot with fun games and sight words!

One of Baloo’s favorites is Sight Word Fishing.  I don’t even think he knows he’s learning!
(You can print some sight word fish, along with ABCs, and numbers here!)


We worked with our moveable alphabet on some sight words.  You can see Baloo was less than thrilled with this – but I think it was just the timing.

He really enjoyed the maze and extra activities I made to go with the You Can Read program at 1+1+1=1!
(My extras can be downloaded here!)


And of course he enjoyed the regular sheets from You Can Read.  His favorites are the word search and the different fonts pages!


Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

I think this program is working out perfectly for us.  Baloo is really enjoying learning the verses.  He has been very curious about God lately and this is just opening the floodgates! 
This week we worked on the letter B and the verse Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God Matthew 5:9.  We talked about how to be peacemakers every day and discussed ways that he and Royal could be more peaceful to each other.


The Daily

We’re easing into a new calendar time/circle time (or triangle time as I like to call it).  I am so close to finishing the new calendar!  And with it I’ve started Baloo on a daily calendar writing sheet.  It includes a spot to write the day, the date, what day of school we’re on, the weather, and includes and interesting fact.  I have enough written up for the rest of October available for download here!DSC04992


We also do 2 daily graphing sheets – weather and shirt color.  Baloo loves graphing and enjoys doing these every morning!
(Graphing sheets available here!)



Life School

Royal has been really into collecting acorns lately and I thought it was finally time to do something with them!  I attempted to get the boys to work together to separate the acorns by size.  They fought a little, but did really well all in all!


While we were separating them Baloo noticed that some of them made noise when you shook them.  Naturally we had to get out the nut cracker to see what was inside the acorns.

We founds nuts!  And to our surprise, the ones that didn’t make noise also had nuts inside!!

After talking about squirrels, acorns, nuts and winter with Baloo we decided to crack open a bunch of acorns, put the nuts in a bowl outside, and see if we could attract some squirrels!

Baloo was so excited that he kept watch for quite awhile!

This activity was more geared for Royal but Baloo was quite interested.  He played with the rice for awhile, spooned it for a bit, and then tried to balance the cups. 

Baloo made this house all by himself.  It took quite a bit of patience and perseverance, not to mention a decent attention span.  Can’t say I wasn’t proud when he worked on it for 45ish minutes and completed it all by himself!


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