LEGO Snowflake

We’re using LEGO to learn more about snowflakes!

Make some different snowflakes, learn about the life cycle of a snow, and pay with LEGO! What’s to lose?

LEGO Snowflake

We’ve likely all heard that no two snowflakes are the same. And that’s true but scientists have identified many different categories of snowflake. In fact, there are over 100 categories!

Different types of snowflakes will form based on humidity, temperature, and many other factors.

This is a great jumping off point to learn more about snow.

How to Build the LEGO Snowflake

Now – how to build your own LEGO Snowflake. Use these directions to build a snowflake and then see how many variations you can come up with on your own.

Materials Needed for the LEGO Snowflake

Directions for your LEGO Snowflake

Step 1: Take the 6 white 2×2 plates and lay them out in a circle with the corners touching.

Step 2: Take the 6 white 2×2 corner plates. You’ll use one corner plate to connect each of the 2×2 plates.

Step 3: Attach the 6 white 2×2 round plates to the remaining stud on the outside on the 2×2 plates.

Step 4: Add the 6 white 2×2 tiles. They align with the 2×2 round plates.

Step 5: Add the 1×2 tiles to the outside of the 2×2 round plates.

This is just a sample snowflake. Add different sizes and types of white tiles to make all kinds of snowflake variations. Just start with the same 2×2 white plates and 2×2 corner plates.

And make sure to keep it symmetrical!

Types of Snowflakes

I made this simple page to show different types of snowflakes. There are many many different types of snowflakes but these are some common (and pretty) ones.

See how many you can make with LEGO!

Get the Types of Snowflakes printable here

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