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Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Printables

It’s always fascinating to watch plants grow but kids seem a bit more excited to learn about how pumpkins grow.

I think it’s because pumpkins often turn into Jack-o-Lanterns.

Or maybe it’s pumpkin pie.

Either way, learning the life cycle of a pumpkin is a great way for kids to learn all about plants and how they go from seed to plant to fruit!

What’s Included in the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Set

The set includes:

  • Life Cycle Booklet (in color or black and white)
  • Life Cycle Booklet with blanks to fill in
  • Label the pumpkin vine page
  • Word Search Activity
  • Vocabulary Sheet
  • Teachers Version of the booklets for easy cutting.

The life cycle of a pumpkin booklets are designed to be as easy to cut and put together as possible.

Just cut straight down the middle and make sure the pages are in the right order.

The teacher’s version is incredibly simple. Put all of the pages together, staple on the side, and then cut.

There is no shuffling of pages or sorting through many booklets.

None of the other pages require cutting at all.

How do I use the life cycle printables?

I think this life cycle set would be a great addition to a pumpkin or fall unit. It’s not meant to be complicated at all.

Start with the life cycle booklet and read through the process of how to grow a pumpkin.

You might want to review the vocabulary words before or after reading through the booklet.

Books to go with a Fantastic Pumpkin Unit

In my opinion, no unit study is complete without some extra books.

I know this set includes an easy reader. But these books would be great for read alouds of extra exploration.

I especially love non-fiction books by Gail Gibbons. I think she does a fabulous job of showing topics in a beautiful and interesting way.

Looking for more great pumpkin resources?

Don’t miss these great options for even more pumpkin greatness!

Where can I download this set?

This set is part of my exclusive members’ printable library. Just sign up here and you’ll get instant access to the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin set!

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