Learn to Read for Free (Or Nearly Free)

Learn to Read for free or nearly free!  Resources for learning how to read.

Learn to Read for Free or Nearly Free - List of learning to read resources that won't break the bank!

I really enjoyed putting together the free and nearly free math resources and wanted to continue with other subjects.  Learning to Read is not an easy task and many kids want to learn before they are ready to sit down with flash cards and learn letter sounds.  So games are invaluable!

There are a few things a child needs before they are ready to learn:
Recognize uppercase and lowercase letters
Know all the basic letter sounds
Understand that letters go together to make words and words go together to make sentences.
Knowing that we read from left to right and top to bottom.

Tricks that also help:
The ability to rhyme

The followers websites and resources will help to cover all those topics!

StarFall – Free (also has an app that is very inexpensive)
Starfall is a favorite of ours and has been for all my boys.  It starts with the alphabet, recognizing the letters, and knowing letters sounds.  The animations are fun and engaging.  The website is not just passive either, there are many ways for the kids to interact.  My kids never tire of Starfall.
The app is just like the website, but it’s not free.  It is totally worth, in my opinion!


Teach Your Monster to Read – Free!
Teach Your Monster to Read is essentially a game where kids learn their letter sounds.  It is very engaging and all my kids have loved it.  There are additional levels for go more in depth to blending sounds and that type of thing.
This website is done by Usborne.  I love Usborne.  They have some great quality books and the website is also great quality.
The only downside I can see, for Americans, is it is a British website and some of the letters sounds have a slight accent.  This was never a problem for us as it was so slight.

LeapFrog Letter Factory – on youtube, but DVD costs money (still very inexpensive).
Check out the DVD Here
Leap Frog Letter Factory taught Baloo his letter sounds in 45 minutes.  Literally!  It wasn’t as fast for the other boys, but they love to watch it and pick up more sounds every time they watch.  The show is engaging and teaches the letter sounds in easy to remember ways!


Easy Peasy Homeschool – Free
**This is not a secular resource. However, the Learning to Read part appears to be religion free**
Easy Peasy starts teaching kids to read in the “Getting Ready 1 and 2” levels.  In fact, that’s just about all they focus on at that age!  They use the McGruffy Readers which are no frills and very straight forward.  I do like their approach to learning the letters.  It is fun and engaging and we still use it even though we use other methods now.


Progressive Phonics – free
This program is phonics based and teaches how to read using stories.  It’s pretty simple and starts with the letters and up through advanced phonics.


Reading Bear – free
This looks pretty straight forward and easy to use!  It doesn’t have a lot of frills but simply gets the job done.  Definitely worth checking out.


ABC Fast Phonics – free
Another simple, basic, and straight forward website.  This is aimed at just getting the job done.


Hooked on Phonics App (Apple) – free
Hooked on Phonics App (Android)
If you have apple or android products, this is definitely worth checking out.  Hooked on Phonics has been helping kids learn to read pretty much forever and their app is top quality.


MobyMax – FREE!
MobyMax has JUST released an alphabet section and it looks pretty in line with other MobyMax stuff.  I can’t really give a review since it’s so new, but I will say, we’re going to use it with Logi-Bear!


FOr more great resources on homeschooling for free, check out the iHomeschool Network free resources list!


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