Tot school – D is for ducks!

Royal is 30 months

School this week was hit and miss but we did spend a lot of time just having fun outside!  Royal loves to be outside!!  Whenever we go out now he gets the Boot Scoot Bike and just rides.  I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfortable he is getting with the bike, especially considering he wouldn’t even look at it a few months ago.


Unfortunately he runs out of gas so often that we had to build our own gas station!


We also drew with chalk…

Painted with acorns


And investigated acorns, leaves, and pinecones.


Tot School Printables
Royal really loves animals so he was thrilled for a week with a duck theme!  He colored or dot-painted a lot of the D and duck pages throughout the week!

He liked having all our ducks just hanging around

Putting together his duck puzzle.  We don’t always get to this and it was a bit of a challenge for him!  He kept insisting that we were missing a piece.

We all worked together with the number cards and putting the duck’s life cycle in order!


While Baloo is doing the Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten program I am pulling some stuff out of the Raising Rock Stars Preschool program that goes with it!  He’s not up to tracing letters or cutting verses yet, but the crafts are usually right on!  He loved coloring in the happy face…

But then insisted on cutting it out.  We did still have a chance to talk about not complaining!


The base near us seems to have a fair about every other week and we love it!  There are always fun activities and it’s so great to get out of the house!  The one this weekend had an obstacle course and Royal loved it!  He climbed over this…

And went across the monkey bars!


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    1. Oh definitely!! If I don’t get them out every day I am just asking for trouble! I’m working on more ways to bring school outside in a fun and active manner! I think I’ll make it a weekly blog post 🙂

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