PreK – Week of Oct 4


Finally we’ve had a semi normal week!!  I was actually feeling a bit better and we had a few normal days. 

That ended on Wednesday though because I just am not happy with our set-up.  It’s too much “sit-down” work and not enough active.  I see pictures of all my friends kid’s preschools and they look like so much FUN.  So the rest of the week was spent revamping.  We’re starting with our new set-up on Monday and I’m crossing everything possible that this will make the difference.


As for this week…we are continuing to keep an eye on our plants.  They are growing!!



We played a lot with our toys.  We had counting doggies out and Baloo made them rain.



We made and decorated (and ate) Halloween cookies!



And we finished up our China studies with a few crafts.  We talked about what Chinese people look like, and a bit about traditional Chinese clothes.  We talked a bit about Chinese New Year, but that concept went a bit above Baloo’s head.

Our Chinese Lantern

 DSC00611 DSC00612 DSC00613

We also talked about and unsuccessfully attempted some Origami.


We did another drawing from Kumon and put it in his story book.  This time it was an acorn and he wrote a story about a Squirrel stocking up for winter.



They spent at least 10 minutes watching the garbage truck go down our street on Thursday.  Baloo was asking millions of questions.  From what do they do with the garbage when they get home to why do they use a truck…So I think it’s time to learn a bit about the garbage man!



That was our week!  I’m really excited for next week and our new routine!!!

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