Tot School – week of Oct 4

Royal is 17.5 months

As with PreK, we cut our week short to plan for our new set up.  While the new set up is really for Baloo, I’m hoping to make it useable for Royal as well. 
We went on a walk this week.  I’d almost call it a nature walk since we have so much wildlife around here.  Royal saw all kinds of things…birds, cats, leaves falling…but his favorite was the waterfall!  This is our neighbor’s house with a small waterfall in the front.
DSC00569 DSC00570

We played with the shape blocks and the counting doggies.   Royal was a lot less interested in having the doggies climb the shape stairs but he did play along a bit.
The I tried to convince him to put the doggies on top of the cups.  He liked this.  He even made sure they were all facing the same way.  I did most of the color sorting though.
No day would be complete if we didn’t pretend the doggies were popcorn popping out of the cups!
And of course we have to make it rain.
Royal decorated one cookie, kind of.  He was much more interested in eating the cookies!
And he would rather be a ham for the camera.
Royal also participated in the garbage truck watching.  He was quite impressed!!

And we got out the do-a-dot markers for some last minute fun.  He had more fun switching the caps around than coloring on the paper though.

That’s all from us this week!  For more tot school ideas, check out 1+1+1=1!

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