St. Patricks Day Number Line

Admittedly, we don’t do a lot of number line stuff.  I want the boys to be familiar with it, because having more tools when it comes to math is always better.  But it hasn’t been the tool they’ve resonated with the most.  So we just use it enough to keep up the skill.

I thought a bigger version we could walk along might be fun though!



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I just used the cards from the Multiplication War set here (although these cards would work fine too!) and set them out in a line.  We did 1-12 since that is what was in the set.  You could easily do more or less.



Nice little line!  IMG_6046


I did this with Royal (6).  I’d give him the starting number and have him stand in front of then.


Then I’d tell him how much to add or subtract and he would glide/hop/dance/walk/waltz etc down that far.


It was a great little number line practice game!!

St Patricks Day Number Line Waltz - practice number line skills using gross motor skills!

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