Starting PreK

We’re back!!!  After a completely unintentional summer break, we’re back.  We’ve moved twice (into a rental house now!) and have celebrated Baloo’s birthday!  My little man is now a full 4 years old!  After spending a good 2 weeks completely overwhelmed with starting PreK, I decided it was time for a more comprehensive curriculum.  I spent a lot of time researching last year, and came to the same conclusion that Calvert was right for us.  We did end up going with PreK even though I think Baloo might be a bit ahead of it.  I think it will set a good foundation for school though, and I will feel more comfortable that we have covered everything he needs to learn in PreK!

We did a half week this week, just to get in the groove.  I intend on supplementing a LOT with Calvert.  We will also be doing Raising Rock Stars Preschool, Math-U-See, and Progressive Phonics as well.

This week we did the first 3 Calvert lessons.  It focused on the color Red, reading a few classic stories (like Peter Rabbit), and concepts like before/after, and left/right. 

We’re also using an idea from Carisa at 1+1+1=1.  We got the Kumon My First Book of Drawing and a regular composition notebook that has space at top for drawing, and lines on bottom for writing.  Everyday Baloo has learned to draw something from the book, then draws it in the composition notebook, and narrates a story for me.  The first day was an apple, and the story he wrote had very little to do with the apple but it was cute.  Even better, he immediately wanted to share with Daddy and it’s because a new time for them to share.



Well that’s it for our first week back!!  I actually have plans for next week, and we’re starting our new chore system, eek!

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