Tot school!

Royal is 13.5 months

We had a pretty awesome week here.  Along with putting together our own theme stuff for preschool, I planned a bit more for tot school.  Win-win situation!

We played with this shape sorter.  I wanted to show Royal how to put the shapes on and how to dump them off. 

DSC09509 DSC09511 DSC09517

We colored with some crayons, although this never lasts long with Royal.


I have to give credit to Royal for this activity.  He found the empty cup and decided to put the straw in by himself.  He played with this for a good 30 minutes without making a mess!

 DSC09542 DSC09547


Books were a big hit this week!  Royal loved flipping through this book and having either Baloo or I tell him the color, animal, and animal sound on the page.

DSC09557 DSC09558

We spent an afternoon outside (first at the pool) and then eating watermelon and playing with chalk!  The last time we had chalk out Royal spent most of his time eating the chalk.  This time he actually drew a bit!

DSC09583 DSC09587

Royal’s favorite puzzle.  We talked a bit about the color and shape, and he actually tried to put the pieces back into place a bit.

DSC09600 DSC09602

And then he used the pieces as musical instruments.  He’s not crying here, he’s screaming in tune with the drum…


Reading with Baloo.


This is why you don’t put dip out of the kitchen table while making dinner. 



Popsicle sticks, a puff container, and a Dial soap container.  We put the popsicle sticks in, and figured out different ways to get them out.


Reach in and grab them.


Shake the container until they fly out.


Dump them out!



That’s all for us this week!!  For other great tot school ideas check out 1+1+1=1!

4 thoughts on “Tot school!”

  1. Angi @ Peakmore Academy

    love the "dip" photo. LOL
    and we use puff containers too for things. right now we've got small small jar lids in there for taking out and putting in (or shaking them wildly to drive mama nutso. LOL) have a great week!

  2. Isnt planning preschool so fun when you have good ideas and motivation to do it?! And i love the drum and dip pictures, haha!

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