Tot school – yay!

 Baloo – 38.5 months

We had a pretty exciting tot school week.  Much of it ended up being more of a life school and not photographed.  But we did get a few tray activities in, and some other fun play!  I’m switching up our method of doing letters and starting with themes.  We’re starting this week with H and the theme Human body.  I’m pretty excited about it!!

Tot Trays:

I got these Halloween erasers at CVS.  I intended for this to be a pattern exercise, but Baloo is really not into patterns.  So instead he sorted them, and stacked them.  At one point he made a tower with all of them.

This was a spooning activity.  I have no clue what this game is called.  I got a really good deal on it and thought it would make for a great tot tray activity.  I tried to get him to play a few racing games, counting games, and stuff like that.  Again, he wasn’t so into it and this activity just lasted a little while.

This is a lock matching activity.  I got the idea awhile ago from, although for the life of me I cannot find the post now.  Anyway, this is just 3 locks and keys for him to match.  We started playing a game where something was stuck in the lock and we had to hurry and get it out!  He loved the game, and would have played for hours had it not been dinner time.
This is a number matching game that we found at Ross.  The cards have 2 sides.  One is addition, and the other is just a number with that many objects.  Obviously we’re using the 2nd side.  But I like that this game can grow with him!
I’m having a hard time convincing Baloo that 1 and 0 make 10.  This game really helped him with that.  Now we’re working on 11.

We’re started doing more puzzles with interlocking pieces.  Baloo loves them, but he always wants my help.  He says they are “too difficult” for him.  So I’ve tried to teach him steps for completing a puzzle.  The first is to separate the sides from the middle pieces.  So here he is pointing out the straight side.

Another sorting game.  These are little colorful army men.  We got them at dollar tree a few weeks ago.  So the object was to use the tongs to put the men into the matching bowls.  He refused to use the tongs, but he did sort them!

And I finally saved enough caps to make some Bottle Cap Name Games!!  We did Baloo’s name and Daddy!!

Tot Boxes

Our tot boxes this week!!  We had legos and cars, which ended up being used together.  We made a garage with the legos and the cars were parking in and around the garage.

This toy we got at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  It’s a really awesome little toy!  There are 36 magnets, one for each letter and then the numbers 0-9.  The letters all have cards that go with them.
I guess the toy is no longer made, but there are still a few on amazon.  Honestly though, I would not pay $80 for this toy.  It’s cool…but not that cool.  We got it for $3 and I think it was worth it.

Our fourth and final tot box this week was play tools.  Baloo played with the tools ALL week.  I don’t know how I failed to get a picture of him playing with his tools because he just toted them around wherever he went.  I’m pretty sure that he fixed everything in the house!

And again, some uncategorized activities!

Music time!!  We managed to get a bit of music time in this week…and even little Royal joined in on the fun!

And a bit of dramatic play!  We got this robot costume at dollar tree!  I want to have a small collection of outfits and costumes, so every time we go to dollar tree I’ve been picking up a new one.  We got a pirate set last time, and this week was robot!!  I tried to teach Baloo to do the robot dance.

That’s it for this week!  To see what others did this week check out 1+1+1=1!

And also check out my first lapbook/tot book for download here!!

6 thoughts on “Tot school – yay!”

  1. My son would love those colored army men! And that toy you found at the garage sale is GREAT! Im jealous 😉 hehe. Oh, and that game is called Mancala.

  2. Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    My son is so NOT into patterns either – eventually they will catch on! I love the idea of using the army men to sort – such a boy activity!! You had so many great activities! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too love the army man sorting. My guy would love it. Many times when Drew is doing a tot tray he doesn't do it the way I think it should be done. When that happens I let him run with his idea but sometime later I try to show him the correct way. This week I wanted him spooning but he "needed" to use our funnel. He spooned later on into the funnel. We compromised.

  4. I really like your erasers. I need to check out CVS. The letter activity is awesome. How lucky you were to find it for $3!

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