Calendar Notebooks

Yay, we are nearly to the last piece of my calendar puzzle!  (Just the animal notebook is left – and it’s almost done!!)

Calendar Notebooks!


Have I convinced you yet that I love calendar time?  Seriously, at least an hour every day we sit down together for calendar time.  It’s not necessarily stress-free, so don’t get me wrong.  I just love it.

Anyway, these calendar notebooks are short and to the point.  There are 5-7 pages for each child, and that’s it.  Almost every page coincides with something in the notebook.

Baloo’s Notebook: (grade 2.  Could probably work for K-3rd)

Monthly Calendar Pages (the rest of the months will come out with the calendar cards on about the 15th of the month before)
The boxes are left blank for Baloo to write the date in.

Dot-a-dot Days
Every day Baloo will find the number of that day and dot it according to the key.  This month the pictures are of an orange, carrot, apple, and tomato.  So at the end of the month, the carrot and orange should be orange and the apple and tomato should be red.
I got this awesome idea from Lauren at Mama’s Learning Corner Smile

Monthly weather charts with a place to put the totals at the end of the month

Monthly temperature graph.  Our temperatures vary very very little so I put high, low, and current.  Hoping to get a bit more than just a straight line Open-mouthed smile

To go with the state of the day on our calendar board; Baloo will locate and color in the state of the day.  After we get through all 50 states once, we are going to add a bit more to this.
I’ve also included one of these in the PreK set.


This is the only page I laminated because I don’t want to print it out every single day.  This number of the day sheet coincides with the number of the day on my calendar board.  Every day Baloo will fill all this out at the end of our calendar time.



Royal’s Calendar Notebook (preK)

Monthly calendar page with dotted numbers.  I’m not sure if Royal is quite ready for this, but I wanted him to give it a shot.

Similar to Baloo’s, but without the odd/even colors.  Royal is free to dot as he pleases.

Monthly name writing.  Royal loves to write his name!


Shape of the day.  This also coincides with our calendar board.  Royal will trace the shape of the day using the color of the day Smile



And lastly, Logi-Bear’s Calendar Notebook. (toddler)

Logi-Bear is not one to be left out of anything, so I didn’t even chance not making him something.  He will participate with us when and as long as he pleases.

Letter of the week.  The pictures on this sheet are the same as the letter of the week for the calendar board.

Number of the week.  Logi-Bear loves trucks, so these will all be trucks.  The numbers will be 1-26 and correspond with the letter of the week.

Shape of the week.  I’d love for Logi-Bear to trace the shape, but he’ll start doing that on his own when he is ready.

Color of the week.  Ideally, I’ll give Logi-Bear the correct color…in reality he will probably just do whatever he wants.



The calendar notebooks for Elementary and PreK are complete (well, for August).  I’m about 5 weeks into the toddler notebook right now, so that will be completed ASAP.

Go Here to Download All of the Calendar Notebook Printables

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