Finished our ABC wall!

I’ve always wanted to do an ABC wall so I was really excited when we moved to have the perfect wall for it.  Baloo knows his uppercase letters, so we decided to work on lowercase.  He was pretty good with lowercase, and now he knows all of them!  We still have a bit of trouble with lowercase l and uppercase I, but I think that’s to be expected. 

Proud lil boy

a – apple
b – boat
c – cat
d – dog
e – egg
f – fish
g – green/grass
h – hippo
i – island
j – jaguar
k – kite
l – lion
m – mountain
n – numbers
o – octopus
p – pirate
q – queen
r – rabbit
s – snake
t – tree
u – umbrella
v – vase
w – worm
x – xray
y – yarn
z – zebra

close ups

I have no clue what big project we’re going to start on next.  I originally thought we’d do more letters, like the ones from totally tots but since Baloo knows all his letters really well it seems like a waste.  We might do sight words artfully, like Word World style.

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  1. These letters are great! We are about 3 letters away from finishing ours up. Ours are in a binder. I love the P for pirate! My son is having a pirate party this weekend!

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