Tot school short week!

Royal is 13 months

 Yep, just like preschool, we had a half week of tot school.  and this means that we did just a handful of things.  Royal made up for it by learning things all by himself though.  This week he learned how to climb, and then fall off of the couch.  He learned how to open the toilet and splash water.  And he learned exactly which button on the TV actually turns it on.  He also practiced running away from us in a busy store.  It was an eventful week!  Now onto what I actually wanted him to learn…

We played for the longest time with this balloon.  Royal loved all then noises it made when he would squeeze it, and he loved to watch it float.

I set up this old puffs container with a bunch of his old baby food jar lids.  He would put them in and try to grab them out.  I tried to show him how to dump them, but he preferred putting his whole arm in!

Looking at them

And lastly we made these little noise containers.  The idea came from 1+1+1=1.  The containers are old breastmilk storage containers (Medela I believe) and I put random small objects in.  Broken crayons, coins, buttons, an old bracelet, etc.

He actually really enjoyed the sound containers and played with them off and on all week.  He loved to just shake them to see what sound they would make!

Well that was it for us this week!  Make sure to check out 1+1+1=1 for more tot school ideas!

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  1. Its amazing the interesting toys we can create from things that are not toys isn't it? I have come to realise these have far more play value than the plastics stuff sold in toy shops (shame I didn't realise that before I spent 100s on toys)

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