Sight word fishing!

Way back when I had just started this blog I had made a set of lowercase alphabet fish for Baloo to learn his letters.  (I can’t believe how young he was!).  He loved it back then and I thought he would love it now too!


I traced some of our old fish so they would all be about the same size and made all the sight words we’ll be doing with the You Can Read program.  Then I went ahead and did uppercase letters and numbers for Royal.  Unfortunately when I went to laminate them I realized that construction paper is larger than laminating sheets!  I ended up cutting out all the fish, laminating them, and then cutting them out again.  I figured I could make them on the computer, print them on colored cardstock, and then laminate them.  It was too late for me, but I made a set of the fish to share anyway!

Fishy downloads:
ABCs Uppercase
abc’s lowercase
Sight Words

Just print, laminate (if you want), and add a paperclip or brad!


When I have both the boys playing I ask Baloo to tell me the word and ask Royal to tell me what color the fish is!  They also seemed quite interested is fishing for a certain fish so I’d ask Baloo to get a certain word and Royal to get a certain color.


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