Tot School – 2/28-3/5

Royal is 22.5 months

We had a fun week although it seemed to go by really fast! 

Once again Royal loved putting Baloo’s vocab cards on the easel!  We did Aa this week so he actually recognized most of the pictures! 

He got a chance to fly Baloo’s airplane all over the house while making a “brrrrrrrrrrrr” sound.

He kind of liked the bubbles.  He did figure out to blow to make the bubbles but wasn’t very impressed with the results.

Playdoh was actually a hit this week.  He molded it and played with it for a good amount of time!

One of our toys this week was Automoblox.  Royal LOVES these, but for all the wrong reasons.  We were able to talk about different colors though.  That look is his disbelief in the color ‘red’.  He thinks everything should be “puhple”.

He really enjoyed doing his own worksheet this week!  He just loved knowing what all the pictures were!

Of course he participated in our Dr. Seuss activities – and naturally his favorite was all the food!  He loved the green deviled eggs we made!

And some more time outdoors!  This is the first time Royal had a chance to ride his own tricycle type thing, and he did great!  He actually just pushed himself along, but he was steering and everything!

We got the idea to build a house with our foam letters off another blog that of course I cannot remember now (we’ve finally developed a way to track these awesome ideas!).  I can’t say the house lasted long, but they really enjoyed helping put it up and then sitting inside it…and then knocking all the letters out before tearing it down!
DSC01956 DSC01959

That’s it for us this week!  Check out 1+1+1=1 for more great tot school ideas!

4 thoughts on “Tot School – 2/28-3/5”

  1. The Princess and the Tot

    Love the airplane! So creative and fun. Super Tot would want to play with that if Princess had it, too!

  2. Wow, it looks like you did a lot of great activities this week–I like the idea of making a house out of the foam letters too. My little guy is 30 months old, so he's at the age where he interested in tricycles but still doesn't know how to pedal yet…I'm looking forward to the warmer weather.

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