Shamrock STOMP – Number Sense, Addition, and Multiplication

I love a math activity that I can do with all the boys at the same time.  But they’re all on completely different levels, so it doesn’t really happen often.


Shamrock STOMP however is great math fact practice and they all get to work on their own level!


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Right now, I have Logi-Bear working on number sense (although this depends on his mood.  Sometimes he wants to be just like his brothers so he refuses cards with anything but numbers on them.)
Royal is on addition and Baloo on multiplication.  So I print out all their cards and they each get their own space with just their cards.



Besides the cards, all you need is two dice! (One if you’re just doing number sense).  I roll the dice and call out the numbers to them.


Then they jump or stomp on the number!


I prefer the jumping if only because it wears them out just a bit.  They do make an extra game of trying to jump directly from number to number and not step anywhere else.


That’s it!  Very simple and very effective.  They love being able to do math while jumping!


Click here to get your own Shamrock STOMP Cards!

(I printed mine on colored paper just because it’s a bit festive.  And I used cardstock so they would last a bit longer)

Shamrock STOMP - St Patricks Day game for number sense, addition, and multiplication

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