St. Patricks Day 100 Chart Fun!!

I love 100s charts.  In fact, I love them so much that we got a Wooden Hundred Board (and love it!!)

There are just so many ways to use 100s charts.  I really love how visual they are.  Royal also seems to quite enjoy 100 charts.


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We tend to keep our 100s chart time short and fun.  We used the guess that number cards from the previous post to determine which numbers to find.  I had him cover the number with a gem.  Then I’d ask him more questions like:
What is one more
One less?
Ten more?
Ten less?
Is it even or odd?



Next we used the page that has numbers covered up already.  And I had him figure out what number is missing.  I love this because it forces them to use their reasoning skills to figure it out.  IMG_5989


And finally we worked on some skip counting by 5s.  I love the skip counting visual of a 100s chart.  We just covered each number and counted as we went.  Nothing too fancy.

Go Here to get the 100s Chart Printables

St. Patricks Day fun with 100s Chart.

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