Tot school – Christmas time!

Baloo – 40.5 months
We’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas and daddy’s homecoming!!  Our poor tree is so bare that we’ve been trying to make some ornaments, and since we never settled in from our move last June, we’re making sure all the boxes are really unpacked!  Baloo has actually been really helpful.  He likes to sweep and mop with me and he’s getting really good at picking up his toys!!

Here’s what we did for tot school this week:
We celebrated St. Nicks day last Sunday.  Baloo and Royal both opened some presents.  Well, Baloo did most of the opening!!
He got this peg board set and we absolutely love it!!  It’s been played with constantly over the past week!  I even enjoyed playing with it!

And Royal got these soft ABC blocks.  They’re been a lot of fun too!

We made little bell bracelets with bells and chenille stems.  Then ended up turning into ornaments for the tree!

I wanted to make a gum drop Christmas tree but I hate gum drops!!  So instead we made a gummy bear Christmas tree.  I think we accomplished the same in the end!!
It turned out really cute, but we ate all the gummy bears off of it within 2 days!

And we made smores!!!  After I realized that I had to do most of the work, but they were so good and totally worth it.

And our last activity this week was making some Christmas tree cards.  We did the Christmas tree shape activity with 3 triangles to make the tree.  Then I hole punched a bunch of red, orange, and yellow paper to glue on as ornaments.  On the inside of the cards I had Baloo trace “Merry Christmas.  Love, Baloo”.

That was our week!! Check out what everyone else did for tot school at 1+1+1=1!

5 thoughts on “Tot school – Christmas time!”

  1. What a great week you guys had! Jordan also loves the peg set and we use it a lot. I like your Christmas cards and may borrow your idea for the trees when we make cards tomorrow for our advent activity.

  2. What a fun week! The peg board is on our wish list…The three triangles are a great simple way for a Christmas Tree Card and to talk about shapes.

  3. Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    Goodness, those cards are adorable! I love the jingle bell ornaments and that peg board looks like a ton of fun! Merry Christmas!

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