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No Prep Winter Mini Eraser Math Pages

I think I am obsessed with mini erasers.

I stalk the Target Dollar Spot.

And then I pick up every single one they put out. So I have to make pages to go with them or the obsession is slightly unjustified.

(Find many more Mini Eraser Themes Here!)



These Winter Mini Eraser pages cover:

Addition with Ten Frames
Addition with a 50 Chart
Nonstandard Measurement
Fact Families
Skip Counting
Addition Tic Tac Toe

How to Use the Winter Mini Eraser Math Pages

These pages are no prep, as in previous packs, so the set up in quite minimal. Just make sure you have the erasers from Target or use the printable versions at the end of the printable!

There are 21 pages of printables but I’m only going to cover a few here. Make sure to check out the entire pack for all kinds of math.


Spin and Add to 50. This can be played like a game or just a math activity.

Option A: Have two people take turns spinning and adding their erasers. The person to hit the 50 wins!

Option B: Start with a spin and then cover with erasers. Spin again, work out the addition problem, and cover with erasers again. Continue until you reach 50.


Foxy Fractions

On the top line, fill out the fraction that is shown.

On the bottom, grab a handful of erasers and work out the entire fraction yourself.


Estimation Snowmen

Guess as to how many little snowmen can fit on the big snowman.

Make it an educated guess by starting with a strip up the middle and one horizontally to create a multiplication problem (If it fits 10 up and 5 across, a safe bet would be 50).

Multiplication Foxes

Make groups of foxes and turn them into multiplication problems.

Such as 3 groups of 8 is 24

The visual of making the groups and forming the multiplication problem can bring multiplication to life for some kids.

Click here to Download the Mini Eraser Math Pages


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