Interactive Addition Practice Booklets 1-20

Practicing our math facts, addition and multiplication, has been a big priority over here lately. We have been using every technique I could possibly think of!  Mostly games, of course.  But I wanted something that was a bit more portable, fun, engaging, and that they could really own.  So I had to make interactive booklets.  And in fact, I really like how they turned out.  Addition practice doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Interactive Addition Booklets for Sums of 1-20.  These fun addiction practice books are sure to get most kids sitting and practicing addition!


These were inspired for Royal, who at 7 doesn’t really love practicing addition facts.  He will practice multiplication facts all day long, but addition?  Nah.  Knowing him though, I figured a booklet that was just for him would do the trick.  And it totally did.  He loved the booklets.

Addition Practice Booklets

Let’s do a quick run through of what is in each booklet, and then you can head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to grab the sample (booklet for number 1).

Each number has it’s very own booklet and it’s own theme.  Number 3 is dinosaurs.  The entire booklet is black and white for easy printing and for kids who enjoy coloring.

There isn’t a set order for the pages, so no need to worry about getting everything in the right place.  The pages don’t feed off each other.

This page is number bonds.  Each booklet has enough circles for every combination, but not repeats (so room for 1+2 but not also 2+1).  There are also the correct number of items (from the theme) on this page.  They can use this to cover some and figure out how many ways they can make that number.


I had to include dot markers!  Simple page – dot all the ones that add up to the booklet number (3 on this one)



For those kids that love coloring – color only the ones that add up to 3.



A math search!  Find all the sums!



Math maze.  Dot or color all the equations to get from the beginning to the end using only sums that add up to the right number!


Sorting sums (There is an additional un-shown page with all the sums to cut out)


Find the sums in the picture!  My thought was to also color the picture in, but that depends on the child!

IMG_7464 IMG_7465


You can find the sample bokolet (for number 1) and all the rest on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They will be on sale (20% off) for 48 hours (so until Tues, September 6th).

Go Here to Purchase the Addition Interactive Booklets 1-20

Interactive Addition Booklets for Sums of 1-20.  These fun addition practice books are sure to get most kids sitting and practicing addition!

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