October Did You Notice Cards

Better late than never, right?



I did these cards a bit different than previous months.  I chose 4 tall tales to focus on and did 5 facts for each.  Ideally, you would focus on one tall tale a week and do a fact each day.  In reality, you can do it however you please!

You don’t have to use them in any particular order.  They do not build upon each other Smile

The tall tales I chose are:
Pecos Bill
Davy Crockett
Calamity Jane
Paul Bunyan


The recording sheets are also separated by tall tale and include a fun image to color!

To download, go here!

(at the bottom)


I highly recommend adding in some fun stories with these cards.  They in no one capture all the information about each tall tale.  The stories that go with each one are interesting and very lively!

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