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We’ve done many “read the room” activities before but it’s always been with language arts activities.  Perhaps I should have called this “math the room”.  Either way, I thought it would be fun to graph the images we find around the room.  It wouldn’t be necessary to find each and every image.  The idea is just to practice graphing and tally marks, and knowing how to read what you’ve recorded,.



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I prepared this activity by just taping up the pictures around our backyard.  I tried to put them in different places to make it a bit more exciting.  We have a lot of wall, but that seemed so repetitive.  So we taped some to the tree, a rock, some toys, etc.

IMG_6011 IMG_6013


Then I unleashed the boys!  I gave them a recording chart and said “have at it!”.IMG_6025


Once they stopped looking I had them count what they had found and record the numbers in the boxes on the bottom of the recording chart.


And then to make sure they understood what they had recorded, I asked a few questions.  Which had the least?  Which had the most?  How many pots of gold?  Etc.


I think they rather enjoyed just running around for a bit.  Now that I have all these pictures hanging up, I might have to do another activity with them.

Go Here to Get your Pictures Cards and Recording Sheet


Graph and Tally - Read the Room.  Practice graphing and tally marks by finding the images around the room

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  1. This is so smart! It’s so hard to get enough data for a graph when you home school and only have one or two kids! I will be using this idea A LOT! Thanks!

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