100+ Learning to Read Printables

We are coming to the end of our ‘learning to read’ phase but we have been in this phase for a good amount of time – probably 6 or 7 years! It’s such a magical and frustrating period of time, but so totally worth it.

I hope this list of 100 learning to read printables will be helpful in finding great reading printables!

They are separated into multiple sections for ease of use:

CVC (consonant vowel consonant) Activites
CVC Pages
CVC Games
CVC Extras
Sight Words Activites and Pages
Sight Word Games
Sight Word Extra
Sight Word Easy Readers

Learning to read got you down? Just need a little more help? This great list of printables will get you back where you want to be!

CVC Printable Activities

Apple CVC Word Matching
Rainbow CVC Words
Transportation CVC Word Sliders
Dinosaur CVC Words
Fall Tree CVC Matching
Pumpkin Seed CVC Word Building
Hot Chocolate CVC Words
Buggy CVC – Short U Sorting
Pumpkin CVC Rhyming Clip Cards
CVC Word Vowel Sorting
CVC Word Family Playdough Mats
CVC Word Building Apple Tree
CVC Clip Cards
CVC Word Family Puzzles
Spring CVC Word Matching
CVC Word Puzzles
Pig Themed CVC Word Puzzles
Ice Cream CVC Word Flip Chart
Umbrella CVC Puzzles
Space CVC Word Building
Word Family Hats
Unfold and Blend CVC Words
CVC Playdough Mats
CVC Short Vowel Clip Cards
CVC Word Building Mats
CVC Houses


CVC Printable Pages

Christmas Tree CVC Vowel Sorting
Thanksgiving CVC Find and Color
CVC Word Family Paths
CVC Word Family Ladders
CVC Q-Tip Words
CVC Word Family Dot Marker Words
CVC Word Family Color by Letter
CVC Short Vowel Spin
CVC Dot and Blend
CVC Activity Pages


CVC Games:

Space CVC Game
CVC Short E Game
Christmas CVC Spell It Game
CVC Short Vowel Bump Game
CVC Game SlapĀ It
Farm CVC Word Family Game
Word Family Games
Word Family Blackout
CVC Flip It Game
Missing Vowel CVC Words
CVC Rhyming Word Matching Game
CVC Printable Games


CVC Extras

CVC Word Family Bookmarks
CVC Word Family Cards
CVC Word Wall Cards


Sight Word Printables (25)

Ice Cream Sundaes Sight Words
Turkey Spin a Sight Word Practice
Santa Sight Word Practice
Christmas I Spy Sight Words
Sight Word No Prep Pages
BOB Books Kinder Sight Word Printables
Ocean Sight Word Finds
Sight Word Spin and Color
Color by Letter Sight Words
Sight Word Trace and Find
Sight Word Bookmarks
Sight Word Packs
Sight Word Playdough Mats
Pumpkin Sight Words
Sight Word Eye Charts
Sight Word Worksheets
Sight Word Number Pack
Snow Globe Sight Words
Sight Word Cards
Sight Word Sentences
Rainbow Sight Word Roll and Write
Color by Sight Word
Sight Word LEGO Writing
Monster Sight Word Puzzles
Cookie Word Work Game


Sight Word Games

Sight Word Guess Who
Sight Word Cookie Game
Sight Word Rhyming Game
Sight Word Printable Game
Dinosaur Sight Word Printable Game
Odd Frog Sight Word Game
Sight Word Tic Tac Toe
Fall Sight Word Dash
Mermaid Sight Word Game
Diving for Sight Words Game
Cookie Sight Word Game


Sight Word Extras

Sight Word Wall Cards
Printable Sight Word Lists
Sight Word Chants
Sight Word Word Wall
Editable Sight Word Checklists
Sight Word List


Easy Readers with Sight Words

Preprimer Sight Word Easy Reader Books
Pumpkin Sight Word Easy Reader (words Big and Little)
Frozen Easy Reader (words I and See)
Big Hero Easy Reader (words I and Like)
Where Is It Easy Reader (words When and Where)
Color and Read Sight Word Easy Readers
Sight Word Easy Reader Set



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